World Runway premiere

Finally a different concept in fashion – enter the World Runway in which teams consisting of a stylist, make up artist and hair stylist represent their countries in a styling tournament!

In this first series, the teams hailing from 8 countries (France, Italy, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore and Brazil) had to shop in Singapore for the items and had a budget of $500 per look for 10 looks. The prize? S$100,000, where half would be kept by the winning team and the other half donated to Red Cross Japan. :)

The sound and light system was amazing (yes, the geek in me noticed) but it seems like they could have done with a couple more rehearsals unfortunately in terms of transitions and confetti being popped at the wrong time.

That aside, some of the styling was simply divine! The top pick of last night had to go to this black ensemble by the UK team and they certainly deserved the win (apologies for the poor quality as my DSLR wasn’t allowed in):

Besides UK, the Japan and Italy were on the top of my list. Pity there could only be one winner!


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Finally organising my make up!

I’ve to confess that I’m not exactly the most organised person and recently the amount of accumulated make up has really gotten to me! Things tend to get really messy doing hair, make up and styling for shoots so I guess I really can’t get away with having different things in many many different places.

Have been searching for a make up case for the longest time but nothing seemed to be perfect – the width and material of the inner tiers, the ability to contain heavy products but still be light enough overall, price, etc. Okay, nothing locally at least. If I were to buy this overseas I’d probably be paying more for shipping than for the case itself.

But today I was determined to find something and be content with it and guess it finally paid off! It’s filled to the brim with stuff but at least it’s organised :)

For those of you looking for make up cases in Singapore, these are some places you can try (sorry for the vague directions cos I didn’t take down the unit numbers!):

  • Far east plaza – quite a few accessories or nail shops have them, you just need to look on top of the shelves.
  • Bugis market – there’s a shop in the centre of the second floor which has a lot but the SA wasn’t the nicest when we went. There’s one on the third floor but only has about two types.
  • People’s Park Complex – this is on the third floor (turn right when you go up the escalators and walk to the end in the centre aisle).
  • People’s Park Centre – Affiliated to the shop at People’s Park Complex, this is called Ivy Cosmetics at #02-29. How do I know? Check out the sign that was on the former shop:

Didn’t mind being redirected a block or two for the day since finally I got what I needed!

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Flat zippered pouch

So it happens that every time I travel to Bangkok, Malaysia, and so on, my mum asks me to look out for a flat zipper pouch with an additional zipper pocket on the outside (good for storing coins on quick grocery trips). The original one, which is now falling apart, was given to her by a friend who went to Thailand.

A seemingly simple task yet I could not for the life of me find a similar pouch on my many trips!

And with my usual principle of “if you can’t find it, make it yourself”, I set out to make her a pouch in a bid to take a mental break and clear some scrap material.

I’ve made many bags before but not a zippered pouch so here goes my first attempt:

Hope she likes it and hope it withstands the crazy pressures of wet market shopping!

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