Nails get festive!

Some time ago I wrote about Deborah Lippman’s amazing glitter nail polishes. If you’re based in Singapore, Luxola is giving a 35% storewide discount on all items over the next four days. This makes the nail polishes about the same price compared to ordering in the States! Yay for sales! :)

This Christmas season, OPI has teamed up with Muppets for a super fun collection!

For now, my absolute favourite festive nail “colour” would be Rainbow Connection. How can you not smile when you think of the name and look at all the different sparkly colours!

Plus with so many colours represented, it’s hard for your nails not to match your outfit according to the traditional “if-there’s-a-similar-colour-somewhere-it-matches” theory lol.

Three other advantages of using glitter nail polish is that it’s:

  • more forgiving when painting
  • resistant to scratches and scuffs
  • great for covering gelish manicures that are growing out if you have no time to get a soak-off or prefer not to put your fingers through the harsh removal too often

Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas coming up!! :)

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Cleaning up for Christmas

With the year drawing to a close, it’s good to get organised so you can enjoy get-togethers with peace of mind.

If you often find your small make up items sprawled all over your dresser or even your room like me, I’ve found a nifty storage solution from MUJI that doesn’t take up much space!

This plastic unit comes with six drawers and are the perfect size for all your small cosmetic and beauty items. I filled my drawers starting with items that I use commonly at the top such as creams and blotters, followed by concealer/ foundation/ eye shadows/ primers in the next drawer. Below that would be the blushers, followed by lip colours. Essentially, all in the order in which I use them from top to bottom.

I probably don’t have enough many personal items to fill each drawer, but for size reference, here are some photos:

Each drawer comes with one removable divider and even fits the thick tarte cheek stain perfectly!

Many lip colours with plenty of space to spare! And the more amazing thing is that should you not have so much vertical space, you can rearrange the drawers to sit horizontally:

In Singapore, the MUJI set of drawers are priced at S$39. Just nice for a Christmas gift for someone or even yourself :)

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