Felt clutches for the new year

A lot of times when traveling, I can’t help but bring home some cool fabric for -some project-. The problem is that having an idea is very different from sitting down and actually doing it! Hence the stacks of material lying around (oops!).

This year, I’ve decided to stop buying fabric until I’ve finished using up the ones lying around in my room (except for commissioned work of course).

Part one of this clear-the-clutter attempt? Thick felt which I bought from Tokyo. Loved the colours, loved the thickness, love felt.


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To tie or not to tie?

Came across the Black Ties Collection by Bloom Jewelry recently and this collection presents a nice solution to a common occurrence (not everyone finds it a problem):

When you wear your hair tie on your wrist for convenience but it takes away from your outfit. (incidentally, the creation of black ties started when a bride nearly wore her black hair tie on her wrist down the aisle!)

These hair ties are made to look like bracelets but double-up as hair ties when you need them.

They go for about US$34 for two in a package. Not entirely cheap compared to regular hair ties but a steal for two bracelets that you can use in different ways!

Just wishing they’d make the elastic portion in matching colours to the metal/ acrylic portions as an alternative so it’d look more like a bracelet than a beautified hair tie. Imagine multiple strands of these with more delicate chains too! :)

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Dry shampoo rocks

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to fall asleep without cleanly washed hair (yes, I guess I was quite a grimy kid). But now my ability to live with my greasy roots and flat hair the day after has been tested again!

Just went for a minor operation which required stitches on my scalp and in preparation, I finally got myself some dry shampoo that I’ve been meaning to try but never felt the need for since I wash my hair everyday.

Introducing my new found friend – Volumnizing Dry Shampoo Spray by Oscar Blandi.

This dry shampoo spray is lemony and smells uber fresh. It doesn’t leave white residue like some other dry shampoos, which is awesome since my hair is dark.

It definitely gets rid of the greasiness and leaves your hair feeling fresh. A very good alternative if you don’t have time to wash your hair/ need a quick pick-me-up mid day/ need to use as prep for certain hairstyles/ want to refresh yourself after overnight traveling. Or if like me, you have to keep certain areas of your head dry post-surgery. Just point and spray! :)

p/s for those in Singapore, you can find this at Sephora – S$19 for a 1.4oz bottle.

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Scoring with classic chain jewellery

There’s always something about classic, simple jewellery. They move effortlessly from day to night and match with a variety of outfits — these are pieces I always recommend my clients to start with if they are getting used to the idea of accessorizing on a daily basis for work or play. But somehow, they are really hard to find!

Chanced across a treasure trove of classic chain bracelets and necklaces in Melbourne over the festive break and I couldn’t help but buy everything! Even if my clients don’t want to buy them, I’m certainly keeping them for myself :D

These chains are really fine so they drape very nicely when worn. They work with most pieces and styles and are simply lovely.

The only possible downside is that they are a bit troublesome to bring on trips – they tend to kink easily when clumped together. So pack them well or prepare to spend some time working out the kinks before wearing!

Will be sourcing for the wholesalers for more pieces at lower prices if there’s interest. Do contact me at sayhi@micheleng.sg if you’d like some of these great pieces :)

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Make up for TV dramas

A few months ago I had the opportunity of doing make up for two episodes of a Channel 5 TV series called ‘In Cold Blood’. And boy is there a world of difference on set for photoshoots and drama TV!

For TV, the fans and air-conditioning is often turned off and temperatures soar when crammed into a tiny room with intense emotions or when standing in our crazy afternoon sun. So out comes the tissue and powder ever so often to ward off sweat and shine!

Furthermore, everything needs to be dead quiet and still during filming which leads to a whole bunch of people trying to stay out of the way and not cast shadows, but keeping close enough on standby in case anything else is needed when the director yells “cut!”

Scene changes are fast and furious and hair and makeup have to change equally quickly to match the character and script. This and the shoot often lasts way more than 12 hours at a go (and filming for these episodes was two days in a row). Talk about intense!

The fun thing though is that you get to see the story unravel before your eyes so it’s like watching a play live (in disjointed parts. and on repeat). It’s also great to build different dimensions of a character with hair and makeup compared to beauty or fashion looks for photo shoots.

Sharing the end-credits here and kudos to the great team that made this show awesome!

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