A cheap, easy way to decorate your nursery

This post is several months overdue but am glad I’m finally getting down to sharing it!

In my last month of pregnancy, I finally got down to thinking about decorating our nursery. It was definitely low on my priority list compared to getting baby necessities, household chores and managing the business. What’s more, all the baby purchases started to add up despite having gotten several items second-hand or borrowing them from friends.

To help manage with the costs and not wanting the nursery to be over decorated, I decided to come up with a simple way to add a little something extra to the baby’s room.

cheap and easy nursery decor

These are essentially quick designs that were printed on light-weight foam poster boards for a few bucks each! The light-weight foam boards felt more reassuring compared to proper, heavier frames since they would be hanging over the crib. Nevertheless, we left a slight gap between the wall and the crib for safety’s sake.

To create some of your own for the nursery or any room for that matter, simply find a few favourite quotes or verses, choose a font that you like and add some basic shapes. Most professional printers in the neighbourhood would be able to have this printed up for you in a few minutes for cheap.

cheap and easy nursery decor

To put it up on the wall, we used removable 3M tape for paintings. It’s that easy!

Have a happy weekend :)

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