A planner with heart

I don’t know if I’ve been late to the game but I’ve just come across these planners recently and they are the bomb!

Emily Ley - The Simplified Planner Emily Ley - The Simplified Planner
The Simplified Planner was designed by Emily Ley specifically for women juggling various areas of their lives. This isn’t just a typical planner with portions for you to fill out appointments alone, but a planner with:

  • An inspirational quote on each page
  • A to-do list alongside your schedule for the day
  • A section for notes
  • A space to plan dinner

Emily Ley - The Simplified Planner Weekend pages are kept intentionally short to make more room for downtime. Every Sunday features a space to jot down a happy memory from the week and a quick checklist for the week ahead.

And not forgetting my favourite monthly view of course…

Emily Ley - The Simplified Planner This is the closest planner I’ve seen to a woman’s heart and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it.

But my dear husband has reminded me of the need to go digital (so we can share calendars and notes and what-not) so I’ll be holding my horses until they launch their app version soon.

Yay or nay?

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