A quick daily cleansing routine

As a former freelance make-up artist, I’ve always felt the foundation to a great look is good skin. Despite hectic schedules in the past, I’d always found time to do a multiple step cleansing and beauty routine for my skin. That is, until our baby arrived.

Previously, time had always been in my control at the start of the day and while winding down at night. Now things are pretty different. Isaac hasn’t quite developed his own timing to the tee so everything I do has to be quick in case he starts crying. (I’m still working on my soft spot for baby cries and it’s hard for me to fight the urge to rush to his side when he wails…) To be honest, as a new mum I can hardly tell the difference between the end of the day and the start of the night and live in two to three hour intervals.

To save time (and money) on my daily cleansing routine, I’ve recently switched it up to the following:

Quick face cleansing routine and products

1. Face and body wash: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
2. Face exfoliator: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
3. Moisturizer: Burts Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

I’ve always had sensitive skin so I’ve found that Cetaphil works best as a daily cleanser for my face. I first discovered it in college when a doctor recommended it – I had a major skin reaction to some insect bites all over my body on a backpacking trip and my immune system basically flared up and gave me ultra sensitive skin for a while.

Cetaphil is a gentle cleanser originally formulated for dermatologists and is non-comedogenic and fragrance free. (Although surprisingly when I was pregnant, even Cetaphil had a smell to it which I never caught onto before. Thank God my sense of smell is now back to normal!)

Since the c-section, I’ve also decided to use Cetaphil as my body wash – partially out of paranoia and partially out of convenience. In the shower, I basically use Cetaphil on both my body and face to save time. In fact, our pediatrician recently recommended for us to use Cetaphil for Isaac’s baths so that worked out perfect – buying in bulk saves us money too!

For evening showers, I use Philosophy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash on my face for a deeper cleanse. I’ve tried many face exfoliation washes in the past and this is seriously one of my favorites. The beads are so tiny and gentle that it’s perfect for a daily scrub. My skin is always much smoother and softer after using this and though you’re not meant to, I end up touching my face a lot after using it just to feel the difference!

Finally, I use Burts Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream after drying my face and have found it to be great for my needs. Not only is it fragrance free and hypoallergenic, it comes formulated with aloe, cotton extract and jojoba esters to moisturize and soothe without causing redness or irritation. I’ve found that it spreads easily and gets absorbed into the skin quickly without any greasy residue, nor is it too lightweight that my skin dries out in air conditioning.

In the past I’d use toner, serum, a formula for my t-zone, sometimes even eye cream before putting on my face moisturizer. But who has time for that now! Thankfully I haven’t found my complexion to be that different from before, and I don’t suppose anything could wipe away my dark eye rings from lack of sleep at the current moment.

Till I find time to work other steps back into my daily cleansing beauty routine, this quick one has been working pretty well for now.

Care to share any tips and tricks for your own daily cleansing routines? :)

(Note: These products were not sponsored but purchased on my own. The links above are affiliated with Amazon if you’d like to help support our family, but feel free to search for it directly too!)

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