Bally showcase with Dior 1 Couleur

Apologies for not posting as often recently! Things have been a bit hectic (excited to announce a new collection soon) but I’d like to share a highlight from last week and a new make up fave!

I got the opportunity to work with Sam Ong, a celebrity make up artist in Singapore, on a Bally fashion showcase! For everyone who thinks it’s all glitz and glamor, check out the storeroom in which we had to do the makeup and dressing in! (It was still awesome nonetheless – imagine being so close to many Bally goodies!).

Bally fashion make up autumn winter showcase

One of the products I discovered through Sam is the 1 Couleur Eye Gloss by Dior (okay I know I’m a teeny bit slow on trying all new products upon launch immediately – I guess this means I’m happy with the ones I’ve been using so far?).

dior 1 coleur eye gloss sunset

It has a gel-like texture and glides beautifully onto the eyelids. The Sunset shade was used as a base before blending in the various brown eyeshadows and it gave the overall look a little extra oomph. Best of all, it promises extreme hold and so far so good!

Available in four different colors! I think Sunset is still my favorite color of them all.


{Left to right: Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss in Seashell, Azur, Tan, Sunset}




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