Beautiful mooncakes

It’s mid-autumn festival here in Singapore and time for a ton of delicious mooncakes! Everyone has been talking about how yummy they are but has anyone noticed how gorgeous the designs are getting over the years? Here are some of my favorite ones:

peony jade mooncake

peony jade pink guava mooncake

cookie museum mooncake

{peony jade alphonso honey mango sago pomelo}
{peony jade pure pink guava with aloe vera and plum}
{the cookie museum princess furong}

Can you guess how much I love snowskin mooncakes by now? Didn’t mean to be biased towards peony jade but they do taste and look really good!

And here’s the best part – mooncake paperweights! I have one of this and use it pretty often:

mooncake paperweights by farm

{mooncake paperweight by FARM}

Hopefully these will inspire you design-wise as much as the real ones fill your tummy! :)


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