Get your designs made at Sketch Street!

Have you ever had an idea for a new fashion piece in your mind and wished you could find it in stores? Makes the shopping experience horrible doesn’t it? ;)

Here’s your chance to design your own pieces and have it made for the world to love and wear! All you need to do is submit your sketches to Sketch Street. The winning designs will be selected based on relevancy to the running theme, public votes and commercial viability. All the hard work in sampling and manufacturing will be taken care of the good people there who will work closely with you, the designer :)

Check out this past winning design and how it turned from a sketch into something really cool!

Original winning sketch by Liu Ruiyue:


sketch street leather lace top by liu ruiyue

Final product (you can view it on Sketch Street here):

leather lace top | sketch street


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Posting artwork on society6

If you love creating photographs and prints, wouldn’t you love seeing it on various applications and formats? I know I would!

I’ve recently discovered society6 and it’s such a breeze posting up artwork. In an instant you can see it in various formats such as art prints (plain and framed), cards, iPhone cases and more!

It’s been some time since I did a tutorial on making crepe flowers but I just can’t get enough of the photos created – so upload them I did. My favorite application is on the iPhone case which I’m tempted to order for my own use:

iphone 4 case crepe flower tangerine society6


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Crowd-funding for emerging fashion designers in Asia

ZAOZAO crowd-funding online platform for asian emerging fashion designers Finally! A crowd-funding online platform for emerging fashion designers in Asia!

ZAOZAO is launching in July and I am mega excited! Described as Kickstarter meets Fab meets Moda Operandi by its founders (according an interview by Techinasia), how it works is simple:

  1. Designers upload designs and decide on the funding amount required for production
  2. Each design has 21 days to reach its target funding goal
  3. Once funding targets are reached, production starts and everyone is happy!


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How to quit your full-time job to pursue your dreams

mandela impossible until it's done quote It’s been some time since I went on A Slice of Life Hour on 938LIVE to talk about my learnings on transiting from a full-time job to the life of a freelancer and first-time entrepreneur. Since then several people including friends of friends have been asking me for tips on how to build up the courage to quit and manage the transition.

As such, I’ve decided to post up my notes for the session with a few more tidbits that weren’t covered. These are just my little learnings and this list definitely isn’t exhaustive nor is there necessarily a right answer. But hopefully this will help others in a similar situation in some way or other. If you’ve been through this yourself and have other tips, feel free to comment and add on! :)


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