Clarins double fix mascara – kiss smudging goodbye!

Feeling antsy when trying new mascaras and even waterproof ones? For many, smudging tends to occur after some time. The problem? Waterproof mascara may be waterproof, but it sure isn’t oil-proof to your eye cream or the natural oils from your face.

Those feelings of optimism when the latest lasting mascara is launched are often overwhelmed by disappointment (and possibly embarrassment) when you see the mascara smudge by the end of the day. I now only test makeup that risk going wrong on days out with my good friends. Because good friends will tell you when something is terribly wrong instead of letting you discover it in the mirror later on. :)

The only other options then would be Japanese mascaras – these form a polymer tubing around your lashes (e.g. dejavu fiberwig and canmake gokubuto). More recently, Maybelline has also caught on with their version: Lashionista. These are great for everyday wear as the tubings only come off with warm water. This means fuss free removal in a hot shower and great for traveling! But I digress :)

Other mascaras do provide really excellent solutions for building volume and length. I’ve fallen in love with quite a few others (hello Dior…) which I use for my make up clients and models who don’t have an issue with smudging. But now comes the ultimate solution! Clarins double fix mascara.

Clarins double fix mascara


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Makeup expiration date cheat sheet

In my interaction with friends and various talents, it occurred to me that many people don’t watch out for their make up expiration dates even though they know they should. While I do that for the make up I use on professional gigs, I realized I’ve been quite slack with my personal items too.

As a visual person, I realised I do really badly with lists. I also realized that if the list of relevant shelf lives aren’t nearby, most people wouldn’t bother marking it down after purchasing new makeup.

And so… Here’s introducing a new makeup expiration date cheatsheet for your use! Now on how to use it:

free printable make up expiry date cheat sheet guide


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Get more mileage out of your toner

Ever noticed your toner running out way before your other face products? Try transferring it into a spray bottle to get more mileage!

spray bottle

The advantages? Spraying it on a cotton pad (compared to pouring) covers more surface area to clean your face with rather than soaking the pad through. You could also spray directly onto your face for a more refreshing feel! All this while using less toner.

Alternatively, some pretty awesome toners already come in spray bottles so you could always consider using them. :)


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