How to save torn bag handles

how to save torn bag handles and give it a new look with ribbon Have you ever had your PU leather bag handles tear on you? If the rest of the bag is still intact, it’d feel like such a waste to toss it!

This happened to me recently and I decided to try my best to save the handles and give it a new look! All this just with some ribbon lying around!

Here’s how:


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10 ways to style short hair

Arizona Muse Daphne Groeneveld Self Service Magazine Issue 35

The weekend is coming!! Here’s a fun inspirational video on 10 different ways to style short hair.

No more fears about being stuck with the same style even if you have your hair chopped short. Enjoy! :)

{B&W image from Self Service Magazine}

Refresh your look with periwinkle blue

Feel like wearing something blue but prefer something fresh? Try periwinkle blue! Sometimes also known as cornwall or cornish blue, this colour is uber refreshing and not too common. Great for standing out in a crowd or adding pretty accents without being overly bright! Throwing in a pretty striped jug for good measure :)

Try periwinkle, cornish or cornwall blue to refresh your look


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4 brands that help save your feet

NYC is one of my favourite cities and spending time back here again just makes it harder to leave!

In Manhattan, you could walk everywhere and anywhere. It’s also one of those places where dressing up for drinks or brunch is just part of everyday life. But pounding the pavements in thinly soled sandals and uncomfortable heels can really take its toll – not just giving you pain at the end of the day, but probably for life (just ask a few golden ladies and chances are quite a few of them would have pains caused by improper footwear during their younger days…)

Being back in the city many years later, I’ve found that my feet can no longer take walking the whole day in footwear with little support (fyi, thin-soled flats and flip-flops are included in this category!). While I wish all brands would start creating footwear that protect our feet in the long-run, here are some that I’ve found to provide more shock-absorbence and comfort for precious feet.

p/s – While these tend to be pricier, they are definitely worth it in preventing foot pain in the future. To get more bang for your buck, choose classic styles and neutral colours that you can wear more often!

cole haan nike air technology flats and heels … 

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Why bubble dresses work

Quite a few years ago, bubble dresses and skirts were the trend everywhere.

These are essentially dresses and skirts with a bubble hem – where the excess fabric at the base is gathered onto an elastic band on the inside (in layman’s terms).

In case you confuse them with balloon dresses, this is what they are not:

balloon dress by ria hosokai


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