Clear your closet and create new pieces!

Ever find yourself stuck with a closet full of clutter but with nothing to wear? Don’t want to read a long book or list on how to clear the clutter?

I know quite a few people in this position (I’m guilty from time to time too!) and decided to come up with my very first ebook to help with this problem. This ebook contains a visual guide on 4 easy steps to clear your closet. It also includes a flowchart of typical questions I’ve encountered in helping people decide what to do with each clothing item.

Here’s a sneak peek into some pages of the ebook:

inside the ebook on how to clear your closet and make new items from old clothes

What’s more, I’ve included a few easy-to-follow tutorials on new things you can create from the pieces you toss out. I hope this will inspire you to create fun and useful new items from the old clothes you’re bored of.

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      Hi Fede, the book is free! All you need to do is subscribe in the form on the sidebar to the right of this page by entering your name and email address, and it will be emailed to you. Do email me at if you have any issues. Thank you for your interest!

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