Discover Chinese design talent at BUNDSHOP!

It’s always such a joy to discover collections of treasures online and when I found out about the opening of BUNDSHOP, it totally made my day!

There have been so many stories about the challenges of manufacturing in China, but few people ever talk about Chinese design talent! In recent years, there have been individual big names like Chinese couturier Guo Pei (whose work I absolutely adore) that have been making international waves. But Chinese design on a whole perhaps hasn’t carved as strong an identity as say, Swedish design. It seems that way at least, although I may be wrong :)

BUNDSHOP brings together the coolest products from fashion and industrial designers from Mainland and Greater China and makes them available for purchase across the globe. But beyond that, it tells the story of these designers and how each brand and product came into being. That’s truly my favorite part – learning about the stories behind each product.

As a designer, it’s often a struggle to get a product made to perfection. Whether it’s quality control issues, technical difficulties, meeting minimums, the list of problems sometimes seems to go on forever. So it’s always very encouraging and inspiring to see other designers overcome these sometimes insurmountable problems to bring a gorgeous piece of design into the world.

And if you don’t believe me when I say gorgeous, check out some of these products:

Shanghai breeze fan by Carl Liu at BUNDSHOP

Ripple cup by Latitude22N

Song dinner plate by Latitude22N

{Shanghai breeze fan by Carl Liu}
{Ripple cup by Latitude22N}
{Song collection dinner plate by Latitude22N}


I apologize for my bias towards Latitude22N by featuring two of their products, but I really do love them so much! All of the products on BUNDSHOP have a distinctly Chinese yet modern design perspective which rock. Definitely going to try to get some of these when I start a new home in the future :)

And not forgetting the human touch that goes behind the creation of these beautiful pieces.

song making of - bundshop

Coming up in January 2013, BUNDSHOP will also be having a daily feature to focus a spotlight on a new product and design story, while the archive calendar of previously featured products will still be available for purchase. Awesome.

p/s – If you are a designer and are looking to have your great products and story on BUNDSHOP, you have to be geographically located in Mainland and Greater China or abroad but with Chinese heritage. If you are, do consider this cool opportunity and movement to bring Chinese design to the forefront!


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