Fabric and accessories markets in Guangzhou (part II)

If you happen to be in Guangzhou or are planning to make a special trip there to source fabric, boy are you in for a treat! Zhongda fabric market is one of the largest fabric markets in China and the number of stores go on forever! For more details on the China Fabrics and Accessories Center in the area, check out part I of fabric and accessories markets in Guangzhou.

The feel of the China Fabric and Accessories Center and the traditional Zhongda Fabric Market are worlds apart. At the latter, be prepared to watch out from being run over by human traffic, bicycles, motorcycles, push carts, cars, vans and trucks. They seriously come towards you in all directions and it isn’t helpful that I’m terrible at avoiding traffic. I think my heart skipped a few beats with every few steps…

2. Zhongda Fabric Market (中大瑞纺布匹市场 — Zhongda Rui Fang Bu Pi Shichang)

Zhong da fabric market guangzhou china

From the outside, you’ll see that it’s split into various numbered walkways to help you navigate your way through.

Zhongda fabric market guangzhou china

Again, you’ll find plenty of swatches/ headers here to choose from. The lighting inside the market itself isn’t amazing, so be sure to bear that in mind when you’re choosing colors.

Zhongda fabric market guangzhou china

Checkered fabric anyone?

Zhongda fabric market guangzhou china

There are also stores that deal with synthetic and real fur. If you’re interested in real fur, there is a building connected to the Zhongda Fabric Market that specializes in it called 长江(国际)皮草城  — literally translated as Changjiang (International) Fur City. There will be a huge sign pointing it out and escalators going up into the building:

Changjiang international fur city guangzhou china

If you are planning to visit this building for fur, you may like to bring along a mask so that you don’t breathe in too much loose fur in the air.  I stayed all of five minutes and felt some fur balls building up in my throat by the time I walked out…

Changjiang international fur city guangzhou china

Changjiang international fur city guangzhou china

Honestly, seeing these being hung all over the building made me feel horrible and I think it’d be very hard for me to want to buy anything with genuine fur in the future… Sorry if this photo made you cringe!

Jiuzhou textile trade plaza guangzhou china

Directly opposite the Changjiang (International) Fur City is the Jiu Zhou Textile Trade Plaza (九州轻纺广场 — Jiu Zhou Qingfang Guangchang). Based on the huge board, you’ll find prints, satin, denim, cotton, zippers, hardware accessories, etc in this building.

It was time for me to head back to catch my flight so I didn’t have a chance to step in. Between this building and the subway station, you’ll find a lot of other fabric storefronts along the way. Seriously, you could spend a whole week in this entire area!

Zhongda fabric market guangzhou China

In this panoramic image (all photos in these posts thanks to my trusty phone camera), you’ll see the China Fabric and Accessories Center to the far left, and the Jiu Zhou Textile Trade Plaza to the right. The area in which I’m standing is where the traditional Zhongda Fabric Market is.

Hope this helps for anyone who’s planning to visit this area soon. Stay safe and have a good time! :)



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