Fashion steps out!

It’s the start to the fashion season in Singapore and what better way to kick it off than having 150 models walk down a 600m-long strip of road at the Orchard Fashion Runway!

Was asked to help out with make-up for some of the brands and boy was I excited! A lot of media photos show what went on during the walk but here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos from inside the tent itself. Enjoy!


2pm. The calm before the storm as we set up to start working on make up.

make up

Make up and touch-ups happening everywhere!

racks of clothes

Racks of clothes and shoes line the centre of the tent with make up and hair stations on either side.

coral shoes

I love coral-coloured shoes!


Thunder and heavy rain hit the area an hour before the show. Everyone was waiting and wondering, but prep continues as usual!


Looks printed out and stuck onto the makeshift air-conditioners. (Hint of the bikes that were lined up in the corner on the bottom left!)

just cavalli

Loving this Just Cavalli dress on this gorgeous model.

inside the tent

Everyone packed like sardines into the tent before the show. Balloons, bicycles, people and all!

outside the tent

Thankfully the rain stopped just in time! Wonder if the people outside knew what chaos was going on inside the tent :) We were released just before the start of the show and managed to find some viewing space behind some plants and right next to the speakers (go figure haha).

orchard fashion runway

The photo above was taken after being reunited with my dslr which my dear friend helped me bring along. Previous photos were taken with my ever-handy iPhone. But nothing beats just finding space to view the show especially for shorter people like me heh.

All in all, it was a fun experience. Music and fashion down Orchard Road itself was awesome and they should totally do this more often! :)

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