Free thank you card designs!

Ever wanted to say a quick thank you to someone with a small card? There are times when we’ve wanted to but with no time to run to the store. Or even when we’re at the store, there’s much difficulty in finding a simple, fuss-free design. I know I’ve had those experiences one too many times and I now stock up on my own stash of cards!

Seeing how chevron DIY designs are trending on Pinterest nowadays, I’ve decided to create a new series of thank you card prints featuring… you guessed it! CHEVRON.

free thank you card print out design blue chevron

More importantly, I want to share these card designs free of charge with you! I’ll be adding more designs onto the freebies section shortly so stay tuned!

In the meantime, this design is available for download:

Just print it out (thicker paper highly recommended), cut it in half and trim off any white sides if applicable.

free thank you card design blue chevron print paper cutter vertical

If you’re going to be doing lots of paper cutting, you may want to invest in a paper cutter that will help save you time and help you cut straight. Paper cutters are generally strong and durable! This one has been with my family for over 12 years. :)

free thank you card design chevron print fold out

Fold the vertical card into thirds and you’re done! The reason I made it this way:

  • You won’t need an envelope (you can cut a slit to close the back or stick tape on it)
  •  There’s just enough room to pen down some thoughts of appreciation but not so much room that you’re forced to use a fat marker or think of more words just to fill space

I’ll be posting up size and colour variations soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

free thank you card design blue chevron print front and back

p/s here’s a good list on 19 other ways to be grateful should you not want to use a thank you card :)




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