Gorgeous eustomas

For someone who loves flowers, I’m especially bad with differentiating types and names. But yesterday I just discovered my new favourite flower (and its name) thanks to someone really dear! :)

eustoma bouquet

The main flower in the bouquet is called Eustoma. A quick check with my best friend Google shows that it originated from Mexico, West Indies, Central and South America and that it generally means thoughts and calmness. Which is so true! Definitely brings about a whole sense of calm just looking at these pretty flowers…

Eustoma grandiflorum flowers are usually purple but the ones in this bouquet are a variety of light pinks, pinkish-purples and whites (wayyy pretty).

Here’s more photos to share with you!

eustoma close up eustoma in the background I love the soft, paper-like texture of the petals and the way they unfold is just beautiful. close up on eustoma bouquet of flowers with eustoma

The combination of colours of the flowers and wrapping is so gorgeous. Super inspired and refreshed just looking at ’em! :)

p/s The care for Eustomas seems relatively straightforward – no direct sunlight and regular additives are fine. Vaselife is estimated at 2-3 weeks (far more than some other flowers I know).



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