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I’ve always wondered what goes on during hair treatments and always thought it was only for people with more significant hair issues. So when Cozycot recently asked me to try out a hair treatment session at Philip Kingsley, I was initially doubtful as to what difference it could make to my hair.

It’s been years since I’ve chemically treated or colored my hair since I was tired of it being so dry after a while. So the only issue I’ve been having is an incredibly tense scalp, especially after having my hair up in a ponytail for too long (don’t yell, I know it’s not really a problem per se!)

As with all treatments go, this is the ‘before’ shot in the morning:

philip kingsley review for cozycot before

Here’s it’s clear (and I confess) that I don’t comb my hair regularly didn’t comb my hair this morning (believe what you want). :)

philip kingsley review for cozycot analyzing

Fast forward to Philip Kingsley, the session started off with a careful hair examination. Turns out a tense scalp is purely due to stress and isn’t actually a hair issue (oops).

I also learnt that I probably had past zits on my scalp as she spotted some red dots, minus the portion of my scalp where I had stitches when part of it was cut out (true story!). To think I was so happy with a clear face that my scalp was suffering without my knowledge!

None of my posts would be complete without sharing something new I’ve learnt with you. So I did some research and found out that you should not use creams with benzoyl peroxide for your scalp as it may bleach your hair.

Salicylic acid is a much safer option and helps to exfoliate your skin to prevent clogged pores. If you tend to have this problem, you should also avoid excessive use of hair products and clean your scalp thoroughly.

philip kingsley hair elasticizer and scalp treatment

And so the process begins. (I apologize, I know I look silly with a huge camera in my face! I don’t usually take photos this way as you can tell from my previous posts…)

First, a scalp treatment was applied. This contained menthol and salicylic acid which was thoroughly refreshing. I found out later that if you’d like to purchase a scalp treatment (S$390 for 150ml), that it would be specially concocted for you based on your scalp needs.

After that, the elasticizer hair treatment (S$95) was used on the rest of the hair. Propylene glycol, one of the ingredients, helps absorb moisture back into the hair shafts. The difference would be obvious for badly damaged hair according to Leonica, the trichologist at Philip Kingsley.

Would definitely be trying this if I ever color my hair again as I’ve experienced many hair treatments that didn’t really work well.

philip kingsley hair elasticizer

If you don’t have time for these treatments in-store, you could do it at home before your shower as well. Just apply the scalp cream in sections directly onto your scalp, followed by the elasticizer on your hair. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off!

Back to the treatment, steaming and infrared treatment is used to improve absorption. Shampooing twice, followed by conditioner, rinsing and blow drying. Did I also mention really fantastic head massages? :)

And the results? Hair is left feeling much softer and smoother than before and my scalp is definitely more cleansed and relaxed.

Leonica brought up a great point – while we sometimes go for facials to exfoliate and nourish our faces, we tend to neglect our scalp and hair. These sessions would be akin to having a facial done for the latter and her advice is to visit once a month or once every two months. Prevention is definitely much better than cure.

Here’s the after shot in case you were curious. :)

philip kingsley review for cozycot after hair treatment

If you’ve read till the end (thank you!), now would be a good time to have a quick think about your hair and scalp type. I’d recommend a trip to Philip Kingsley for at least one session to learn about your needs and how to take good care of your crowning glory.

And in case you were wondering if it was just the blow drying and treatment that made it straight and soft temporarily (guilty!), it’s been a week since and my hair is still definitely softer than before. :)

Have a good day ahead friends!

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