How to stitch a simple star

embroidered simple stars on a grey pouch

Embroidery can be quite fun and easy if you want to add a little something extra to your stuff. Read on to find out how to stitch a simple star!

how to embroider and stitch a simple star

  1. Start with the knot on the reverse side and stick your needle upwards. This marks the first outer spoke of the star.
  2. Stick your needle into a point that will be the centre of your star
  3. Keep going – your needle comes out at the outer spoke and goes back into the same centre point.
  4. Make about five to eight spokes and tie a knot to end on the reverse side.

Voila! Decorate anything and everything with these simple stars! :)




  1. yusi says

    Aww, how sweet! And thank you for the post. I love embroidery but am very new at it. My daughter would love to make these too!

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