IKEA transformed with Superfront

I’ve always found IKEA a good go-to for quick home furnishing needs on a moderate budget. I know there’s been a lot of talk on quality and shelf life but that has never really bothered me. I’ve had a few tables warp or break over the years. But I’ve also had a foldable table that has lasted me 15 years and counting.

Nevertheless I’ll admit – I don’t really think long-term when it comes to furniture and living arrangements as I like changing things up once in a while. (Of which I have duly given my future husband a heads-up!)

For our new home, we’ve been looking out for furniture and IKEA is definitely one of the places we are looking at due to budget constraints and sheer convenience.

Most of the stuff is nice enough, but guess what I just found to make it even nicer!

Hellooo Superfront.

superfront for ikea cabinets

In a nutshell, you can purchase cabinet bases from IKEA and finish off the look with fronts, handles, legs, tops and sides from Superfront. It’s pretty genius I must say.

superfront for ikea cabinets

My favorite front has got to be ‘Illusion’ as I tend to love geometric, straight-edged patterns.

superfront for ikea cabinets

This ‘Plus‘ front is also pretty awesome. Though it makes me feel like scratching in my own patterns on my IKEA cabinets. Just sayin’ :)

superfront for ikea cabinets

Handles-wise, these are my favorite. And you’ll never guess what they’re called… ‘Holy Wafer‘. Available in lacquered steel and untreated brass or copper, this adds a sleeker touch compared to regular IKEA handles.

Other combinations you can create:

superfront for ikea cabinets

superfront for ikea cabinets

superfront for ikea cabinets

The prices aren’t as friendly as IKEA’s, but definitely friendlier than some designer furniture.

And finally to end, here’s a random story to share that’s somewhat related to IKEA:

Some time back when I was staying in the Lower East Side in New York, my roommate and I scored a free second-hand IKEA sofa bed on Craigslist. We happily went to collect it without realizing we didn’t make arrangements to transport it back across town.

So… we pretty much carried it and rested on it at every major traffic junction. Finally some men took pity on us two tiny girls and offered to carry it for us the rest of the way back. (Proof that there is love and kindness in NYC!) The sofa bed lasted about a year before it split down the middle. Either due to the quality, shelf-life, or the sheer number of guests we had crashing at our apartment every week.

Have a great rest of the week coming up!

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