Isaac’s first month party!

In Chinese tradition, we celebrate the day our baby completes his or her first month with family and friends. After a whole month of getting used to our baby’s arrival, we really looked forward to catching up with close ones!

Juggling the baby’s needs and the business took quite a lot of time and sleep so preparing for the party took a lower priority – at least I tried to convince myself of that considering how much I love planning parties. In fact, I decided to go without decor and buy the door gifts from a supplier instead of making it ourselves so that it wouldn’t add more unnecessary stress or work. But of course, who was I kidding!

The night before the party, I decided to make a sign on our kitchen glass door to prevent people from walking into it by accident. Previously I had pasted a line of random post-its on the door – my husband has walked into it enough times for us to realize it’s a safety hazard (ulp!). I had always intended to have a decal pasted on the kitchen glass door but never got down to it once we were expecting Isaac. So we made a first month party sign instead!

first month party sign on glass door

pardon the crazy (artistic?) reflections…

I was really happy with the sign… and that really got my itchy hands going. It felt sad for that sign to be our only decor and it made the blank wall by our front door seem too plain.

So… I started cutting random triangles only to realize it would take a lot of work to have them all stuck on the wall. I was pretty much going to give up but my dear husband was determined to let his crazy wife have her triangles on the wall. He helped to stick blue tack on them while I was in the shower and we stuck them on the wall one-by-one till our masterpiece was complete! It was actually really fun doing this with him in the middle of the night like school kids with a craft project all over again :)

Triangle photo wall - welcoming baby isaac

Midnight shenanigans

Triangle photo wall - welcoming baby isaac

Isaac’s first photo wall

And there it was! A photo wall and the first thing guests would see when entering our apartment. (The triangles aren’t stuck in perfectly straight lines but my perfectionist side went out the window the minute my morning sickness started. Lucky husband haha!)

For the door gifts, we ordered them from Baby in Love (a local supplier in Singapore) and selected the gift with candy and a cute cookie. We figured this would be more practical than cakes which would spoil before we could give them to friends who couldn’t make it to the party. It was much smaller than I thought based on the pictures online but we were pretty happy with it anyway.

babyinlove doorgift babyinlove doorgift We pretty much forgot to take photos throughout the day as we were busy catching up with family and friends. But here are some of the photos we took at the start and end of the day… (Note to self: photos in daylight are always better!)

isaac and my sisters

With my eldest sis and second sis carrying baby Isaac


Only one month and he’s figured out his model poses…

We’re still undecided about removing the triangle wall feature. Dan’s convinced that we should replace the wording on the sign with “Home of the Wongs”, but I guess I’ll need some time to think it through…


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    Very nicely done. Congratulations and I believe Isaac has celebrated his 1st Birthday. I love your decoration. In Penang, most people would prefer to a simpler celebration with a gift pack. The more authentic ones will opt for Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken or Fragrance Rice, AngKoo and Red Eggs. All these items symbolizes completeness, happiness and longevity.
    For further info

    Wish you and your family a Happy Family.

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