Make a chunky ring box

Some time ago, I came up with a tutorial on how to make a ring box in 5 minutes. This definitely helps to organize your rings and saves space on your dresser when you mount them on the wall!

However, certain chunky rings wouldn’t be able to fit themselves into the thin slits of this design. So… here’s a new design for chunky rings specifically!

make a chunky ring box DIY tutorial

Here’s the tutorial:

make a chunky ring box tutorial 1

Grab an empty box lid or any box-like container. Here, I used the cardboard case that came with my Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. You’d want to use free-cut foam sponge – got this from Daiso for $2!

make a chunky ring box tutorial 2

Stick your foam in or measure it to see what fits best. Here, the depth of my box was only 1.5cm but the foam was 2cm in thickness.

You could either shave off the top of the sponge to suit your box depth or cut slices that are the same width as the depth of the box (if that makes sense.. basically, just do what you can to make it fit!)

make a chunky ring box tutorial 3

I decided to go with cuts of 1.5cm to suit the depth of the box. This meant that the original foam thickness of 2cm would become the width of the foam piece in my box once fit in sideways.

Use a pen and ruler to measure it out and draw a line before slicing. To slice, use a pen knife or x-acto knife for a clean cut.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 4

There you go, the first slice of foam in the box! If you need to slice the height of the foam to fit it, be sure to make the foam piece a little taller than the box so it compresses and fits snugly.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 5

I wear all of my chunky rings on my index finger for some reason. So measure your finger out to determine the width of the foam piece to fit your rings into.

Pardon the weird looking t-rex claw of a hand. I have difficulties making my hands and fingers look normal on photos. How uncooperative of them!

make a chunky ring box tutorial 6

If your foam is really thick, be sure to cut a slightly shorter measurement so your ring can fit in.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 7

Ta-da! First ring in.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 8

Fit this foam piece with ring into the box. What a cosy new home :)

make a chunky ring box tutorial 9

Add another piece of foam as a spacer. If you want the spacer foams to be more secure, you could glue them into the base of the box.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 10

Keep going! This fits thick elastic ring bands too.

make a chunky ring box tutorial 11

Keep adding foam piece with ring and then a spacer foam till you’re done! There was a little compartment on the side that I just had to fill with foam too. Turns out it’s pretty handy for holding ear studs (especially if you’ve lost the backing in those).

I reckon if you’re better with measurements and slicing, your box will turn out much neater than mine. But there’s beauty in things that aren’t perfect too, no? :)

make a chunky ring box tutorial 13

Mount it on your wall to save space on your dresser. If you want, you could mix both foam designs in the same box to hold both thin and chunky rings.

Hope you enjoyed this and have a great weekend! :)


  1. Sarita says

    I used cigar boxes with lids little locks. I put decorative paper on inside lid, put foam in cut slits. I have gemstones this Kees moisture and dust off. Thanks for your amazing ideas. I put mine on wall as well. Keep going lady!!


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