Make a ring box in 5 minutes for cheap!

Are your rings often in a heap on your dresser? Even in plates and bowls, rings tend to get messy.

I have no idea how I’ve put up with digging out my rings or even forgetting about some at the bottom of the heap:

wooden bowl plate containing rings

Unfortunately, a lot of the ring holders I see in stores are somewhat old-school. I wanted something simple with a clean look. I also wanted to wall mount this to free up space on my dresser.

And so I made my own using a spare small box and some cheap melamine foam that you can get at the two-dollar store. (For those in Singapore, I got it at Daiso!)

how to make a ring box in under 5 minutes for cheap

Sharing how I made this ring holder box here so you can make one of your own. Cheap and fast – who wouldn’t like it! :)

Find a box of an appropriate size (I used the lid of a small box so that it wouldn’t be too deep for my rings). The foam I used came in bars so you can cut them to size.

Material used to make a ring holder box

Cut the foam to the width of the box. I don’t love measuring so I stuffed one end in and marked the sides sticking out with a pencil. After that, just join the line with a ruler and cut. I’d recommend a pen knife with a ruler for a cleaner cut compared to scissors.

How to make a ring box tutorial for cheap and in 5 minutes

Depending on the foam that you got and the height of your rings, you’ll probably want to cut the remaining pieces into half again length-wise. Then, stuff all the foam back in the box! You can glue the foam down if you like but mine was snug enough to stay in. If you slot in thicker rings, that’ll also help to hold the foam in.

I probably put in more photos than necessary, but you get the idea :)

And there you have it! And here comes the best part – mounting it on a wall to save precious space on the dresser!

ring holder box mounted on wall

Have a good weekend everyone and cheers to neater dressers! :)

Update: I’ve since created another tutorial for chunky rings here! Click on to find out how to make it, or combine the two for a multi-purpose ring box.


  1. louise says

    I love this idea, you have inspired me to go buy some foam and make myself one! I was just curious as to how you then mounted the ring box onto your wall? Thanks Louise

    • says

      Thank you Louise! I’ll be working on a tutorial for a ring holder for chunky rings so stay tuned :) To mount the ring box, you can use 3M command poster strips (I love using the command series for a ton of things as it won’t damage your wall). If you prefer, huge chunks of blue tack around your box should do the trick too. Hope this helps!

      • louise says

        Ah thanks so much for your reply, had never heard of the 3M command poster strips , but will be looking to pick them up when I get my foam! :)

        • says

          You’re welcome Louise :) Hope you find the 3M command strips. The series is really good in mounting various items on walls without leaving a mark during removal!

  2. Danette says

    OMG THIS IS INGENIUS! I’ve never thought about this! Thank you Michele! Your website is full of DIY which is totally so cool to me! (:(:

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