Make a wedding card box

One of the best parts of planning a wedding has definitely got to be the DIY craft projects!

The project for today was a wedding card box (also known as an ang bao/ “red packet” box in Singapore).

make a wedding card or angbao box |

As people usually place money inside cards or red packets, I decided that a box would be better than an open case. Just for safety reasons, as cautioned by the wiser, older folks ;)

Read on to find out how to make one:

While I was running errands, I came across these boxes (only two bucks each!). If you have boxes to reuse, all the better.

Instead of the regular stacked boxes that looked like cake, I wanted something slightly different. But not too different that people wouldn’t know what it was for. So just a slight angle on the stack:

make a wedding card or angbao box |

To make the top slit, just draw a line (across the diagonal in this case but you could do it horizontal). Mark out and cut a slot approximately 2cm x 15cm / 3/4″ x 6″ for the cards to go in.

make a wedding card or angbao box |

make a wedding card or angbao box |

Stack the boxes on top of each other again and mark the top of the base box, and the base of the upper box.

make a wedding card or angbao box |

You may want to put a symbol in one of the corners to help you match the boxes up again.

make a wedding card or angbao box |

On the upper box, measure in about 3/4″ all around and cut out. If you have fewer guests and don’t need the extra space, you can skip this part entirely and just use the upper box to collect the cards.

make a wedding card or angbao box |

Place the upper box on top of the base box and match. Draw the outline on the base box and cut out.

make a wedding card or angbao box |

make a wedding card or angbao box |

If you prefer it plain, you can pretty much glue the boxes and lids together and you’re done!

To match our theme of gold, coral, seafoam and grey, I decided to give the box a brushed layer of gold paint and some details made of cut triangles. You can add any decoration you feel like to match your theme or just spray it any color you wish!

make a wedding card or angbao box |

And there it is! Another thing down for the big day :)

make a wedding card or angbao box |

The flower on top of the box was my trial paper peony. Closer to the date, we’ll be making lots more and a fresh (and probably improved) one will be replacing this one.

The box is one of the first few DIY items you can prepare for your wedding as it keeps well and can help to store other items inside. Just glue or blue-tack everything shut closer to the date!


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing! Few days ago, i was wondering what should I use to keep all the “ang-pau” collected during my wedding dinner. This idea is elegant yet simple to make! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wynn says

    Thanks for sharing. Thinking of buying for cousin’s wedding but you inspired me to diy and I love paper crafts to add. ;)

  3. Karine says

    Hello thank you for sharing this post as I’m getting married this April and looking to make my own as I can’t seem to find a wedding card box which fits my theme (Arabian Nights). I just wanted to ask you what type of box is best? For example a cardboard box or a wooden box or a shoe box?

    I look forward to your reply, thank you


  4. Wee says

    Hi! I love the gold foil you added to the original box. Made the design look real classy! How was that done if you are willing to share?


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