Make potpourri from flowers

Have you ever gotten flowers from a loved one but aren’t too sure what to do with them after? (Perfect for valentines day or any other special occasion…)

This time, I was determined to do something more with the flowers that Dan proposed with (find out more here). I’m not a fan of dried flowers lying around the room collecting dust, but I’m a huge fan of rooms smelling nice. So what better than to make potpourri! :)

I decided to use the rose petals only instead of the eustomas as they dry better and my fave potpourri scent is rose. I tried searching for directions but most required a lot more work and items I didn’t have, so here goes a simpler version that I concocted:


Here’s how:

First, you’d want to pull the petals off the roses before they start decomposing. They come off relatively easily so this should be a breeze.

Next, most instructions call for laying the petals on a wire mesh to dry them properly. I didn’t have any mesh so I used paper towels – I figured they should absorb any moisture and had my fingers crossed that nothing would turn moldy. And it worked!

Be sure to keep them under direct sunlight. I just put these sheets under a table so they wouldn’t get in the way.

make potpourri from engagement flowers |

Once they’ve dried, they should look something like this – beautiful!

make potpourri from engagement flowers |

Now all you need to do is add some essential oil to give it a stronger scent. Depending on your taste and budget, you should be able to get a small bottle anywhere. In this case, I used a damask rose oil from the dollar store/ Daiso.

Place the petals into a glass jar (this would be pretty), or a plastic zip bag if you have one handy.

Add as many drops of the essential oil as you like, using your fingers to gently stir the petals without tearing them (this felt like cooking for some reason).

make potpourri from engagement flowers |

I left the bag open for a few hours (the fear of mold strikes again!) and then sealed it for a few days for the petals to soak in more of the fragrance. Open this when you want to use it and it’d be perfect for your new home after getting married!

If the scent wears off after a while, adding a few more drops of essential oil should do the trick.

make potpourri from flowers |

Have a great week ahead!


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