Modern wall decals that brighten up your day

We are finally moving back this weekend, fingers crossed!

My nesting instincts have also started to kick in whilst shopping for baby items. I’ve always loved wall decals as an easy way to dress up a space, but regular flower wall decals don’t seem to cut it anymore. Especially since I’ll be living with two males in the family, I really have to learn to curb my girly decor instincts!

I came across some gorgeous, fun wall decals which I am excited to share with you :)

First up, short little phrases by Made of Sundays. Instead of long quotes, these chirpy ones are sure enough to brighten your day just by catching a glimpse of them.

My kitchen is for dancing wall decal by Made Of Sundays

{My kitchen is for dancing wall decal | Made of Sundays}

Enjoy the little things wall decal by Made Of Sundays

{Enjoy the little things wall decal | Made Of Sundays}

For geometric patterns, I found some chevron and polka dot wall decals by Walls Need Love. There are a wide variety of sizes and colors you can choose from to create look you want.

Chevron Wall Art by Walls Need Love

 {Chevron wall art | Walls Need Love}


{Polka dot wall decals | Walls Need Love}

For the nursery, I was looking around for options that were a tad simpler and modern whilst still adding to the mood of a nursery. Many nursery wall decals I’ve seen in stores are uber cute and include the whole zoo – I haven’t figured out how to incorporate things like this without being over the top.

(Thanks to Dan who reminded me that our baby boy probably won’t notice these things till he’s a lot older, so the decor will probably be there to just make the room a little cheerier for the parents heh).

So I was pretty psyched when I came across some of these contemporary nursery wall decals by Trendy Peas:

Pinetree wall decal for nursery | Trendy Peas

{Pine Trees Fabric Decal | Trendy Peas}

Giraffes wall decal for nursery by Trendy Peas

{Giraffe wall decal | Trendy Peas}

They also have a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Definitely on my wish list for the nursery compared to wall paint – that way we can change things up whenever and we wouldn’t have to deal with the messiness or smell of paint.

Have a great week ahead friends!


  1. Roberta says

    Gorgeous! Also We have choose sticker for the nursery and we opted for “birch trees” by smart decò because we want something looking natural… We are all doing well even if it is a little bit hard for me because in a couple weeks i’ve to come back to work and I’m gradually leaving my little princess to her grandparents, and I understand only now how it is difficult to stay far from her even if it is for just few hours a day. When it is expected to be Isaac birth? Is it everything ready for him to arrive at home? And are YOU ready?


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