Nail colour gets more exciting

As someone who often gets her nails damaged by many hours of stitching, hand work and being plain careless, I’ve generally stayed away from having my fingernails done to avoid the heartache of seeing them damaged within a day or two. (Okay, I know I should try gel soon…)

But after having come across these gorgeous nail polishes, how can anyone resist??

Deborah Lippman is one of the most sought-after manicurists in the world and her collection of nail lacquers are ah-mazing!

My favourite ones for now are ‘Across the Universe’ (left) and ‘I Love the Nightlife’ (right). It’s hard to find gorgeous layered textures in nail polish and I think this is it. 

For those in Singapore, you can get your hands on ‘Across the Universe’ and many other pretty colours at Luxola, a newly opened online luxury cosmetic and skin-care site! Alternatively, Kiss and Makeup in New York offers worldwide flat rate shipping and stocks these lovelies too. Enjoy! 

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