New beginnings (part I)

The end of 2013 and 2014 has been a season of new beginnings. In navigating these new waters, I’ve been amiss in posting regularly but hopefully things will get better with time!

For those who have been asking about what’s been going on, I’ve decided to post up a brief update of how crazy life has been with one thing happening after another.

The first new beginning: Married life (early Aug 2013)

wedding photos |

It took some time for it to sink in that we were actually married since the actual day passed so quickly. It is still one of the happiest days of my life and I honestly don’t think I could have found a better life partner. :)

As our home renovation was delayed, we took turns to stay over at each other’s parents’ places until it was complete. Some days we stayed separately in order to finish packing our rooms for the big move. We had also planned our honeymoon for a month later in order to oversee the rest of the renovation.

This in-between phase was a bit of a funny one. A lot of people had asked us how married life was, but the changes didn’t feel like a significant, sudden change – the way you feel when you suddenly chop your long hair short. Rather, it felt like we were just at the beginning of a new journey and just happy to be going through it with each other. Till this day, I don’t really know how to answer that question!

The second new beginning: Moving into our new home (September 2013)

A few weeks after the wedding, we finally got the green light to move into our new place after our epoxy flooring had cured. It was a ton of packing at our old homes and even more unpacking at our new home. (I’ll explain the long story later on, but we had to move out again so we’ll only be able to show photos of our home next month or so!)

The first few days felt really foreign in a new place and we learnt that sharing a bed with someone else in the long run is really a skill!

our dads at the wedding

{Thanks to my father-in-law who pre-empted this predicament and gave us a few words of advice at the wedding about blankets. We both move and kick around a lot in our sleep, and I would definitely recommend separate blankets to anyone else in this situation. (Sidetrack but I really like this photo of our dads together!)}

After moving in on the weekend, it was back to work on Monday and we had our meals on the living room coffee table as our dining table hadn’t been set up yet. It felt a tad bit like college life, sitting on the floor and eating but it was nice and cosy at the same time.

For the first week, I tried my best to be a good wife and feed my husband properly. Waking up at 6.30am everyday to make breakfast was quite a change to my usual lifestyle, but the fresh morning air and early start to the day made it quite enjoyable. And seeing my husband before he went to work of course!


Eggs and bacon were the simplest and quickest things to make in the morning but I tried to vary it slightly with different styles using some onions, cheese, or tomatoes and blueberry sides. (Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t have too much of this before I had to stop cooking the next week!)

I also tried to finish work earlier so there was time to prepare dinner:

dinner at home

There was Asian styled cooking with recipes that I was already familiar with like herbal chicken soup and Japanese beef curry. And there were Western dishes that I just threw together in the oven with ingredients I thought were yummy – surely it’s hard to go wrong with spices, garlic, onion and cheese?

dinner at home part two

Life together in our new home was simple and sweet and we were also looking forward to our upcoming honeymoon to take a break and unwind.

But things changed quite drastically during the third new beginning which I’ll be posting on next. Perhaps some of you can guess what it is already? ;)

{photos in order: 1. our wedding photo by amelia of mela de gypsie; 2. a photo from our roaming ‘wedding photo booth’ by andrew mississipi ng; 3. meal time photos taken with my trusty iphone}

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