New beginnings (part II)

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The third new beginning: discovering a new addition to the family! (September 2013)

In all honesty, we didn’t plan to have a new addition so early on. Previously, we had planned for two years together alone and for my business to take off before we’d entertain having children. We definitely knew we wanted kids, but it was just about the timing.

I guess they say this is to be expected with newlyweds and I probably shouldn’t go into too much details here. But suffice to say, no contraceptive is 100% effective (I guess I did learn that from that episode of Friends…).

Though the chances of it happening were extremely slim (again, not going into the details but everyone close to us who knows agrees), our baby beat all odds and decided to surprise us.

baby isaac ultrasound

{Introducing baby Isaac with an ultrasound scan taken in November 2013}

We were in shock for quite some time and I’ll admit that it took me a month or two to come to terms with it. Partly because it meant that the way I had envisioned my life for the next few years would change forever, and partly because morning sickness was quite a force to reckon with.

I’ve had several friends who’ve gone through their first pregnancy with very few symptoms and I guess I had assumed the same for myself. Little did I know that for me, nausea would be a 24/7 ordeal that lasted for more than four months. (Morning sickness should really be called all day sickness.) My sense of smell was akin to a bloodhound’s and I was exhausted all the time.

Suddenly, the smell of the paint and new furniture in our new home got to me and so did every other smell. Opening the door to our room of new IKEA furniture meant throwing up within five seconds. Other occurrences also triggered random throwing up – catching a whiff of my husband’s cologne which I used to like, sneezing, taking a warm shower, brushing my teeth, drinking water and the list goes on. The smell of food in general was repulsive to me and I got by the first trimester by eating ice cream which I don’t usually like.

Our families were concerned about the potentially toxic smells in our newly renovated home so we shifted back to my parents’ place to let it air out for a longer time. (We are planning to move back soon to finish unpacking and setting up, so hopefully I’ll get to share more photos with you then.)

We had to cancel our honeymoon as Dan injured his back and I was starting to feel morning sickness and nausea set in. I was also in the midst of launching my new business (to be continued in the next post) but was afraid to hold face-to-face meetings in fear of throwing up in front of potential partners and customers. I avoided social meet-ups where possible for the same reason. My birthday was spent on the couch the entire day due to ordered bed rest.

I had to stop doing DIY and craft projects as well as any freelance makeup jobs (hence explaining the long gap in my tutorials and posts). The tiredness that set in also meant I had less time in a day – I spent working hours setting up the business and any free or leisure time was devoted to naps and resting.

I became quite the grumpy, anti-social person and very different from my usual self – totally not the wife that Dan got to know for a week when we moved into our new place. In short, I was miserable.

Thankfully everyone around me was patient enough and learnt to ignore the craziness. It took me some time to come to terms with the situation but I finally realized/ decided the following:

  • Our baby may have been unplanned or seen as an accident but he is certainly not a mistake. In fact, he is a blessing and I know we’ll realize more of it on hindsight when he’s actually here.
  • While I hated morning sickness and the symptoms of pregnancy, I would not confuse it with my love for the baby. I know some people who love being pregnant and I am happy for them, but sadly I am not one of them though I know the journey will be worth it!
  • That life can’t always be planned the way we want it, but everything happens for a reason and things will work out eventually as long as we keep having faith.

I know it’s pretty cliched but I had to experience it first-hand to fully understand what it meant to me. Thankfully the morning sickness has subsided and the rest of the changes to my body are bearable enough.

We are just a few more months away to having our baby boy Isaac with us and things definitely seem more exciting the closer it gets!

In the meantime, feel free to share any new parent tips and I’ll be sharing the launch of my new business in the next post! :)

[This is part of a series of posts on new beginnings in 2013. To read part I, click here. To read part III, click here]


  1. Soh Lili says

    Awww congratulations!!! My sis had a really smooth first pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything, but her second pregnancy (twin boys versus her firstborn girl) was plagued by morning sickness. Everyone’s body reacts differently and perhaps to different genders as well. I read somewhere that drinking coconut water helps with morning sickness because part of it is not being hydrated well enough and plain water doesn’t do that. But maybe this is “advice” a bit too late.

    Super excited about your new business, will definitely watch out for your new post!

    • says

      Hi Lili, thank you for sharing and congrats to your sis! It’s so true with regards to different bodies and reactions with every pregnancy. I can only hope that my next one will be much smoother heh.

      Coconut water sounds like a great idea, will try it as I still have bouts of nausea once in a while now ;) Yup, while be sharing on my fourth “new beginning” soon, thank you for your support! :)

  2. Roberta says

    Congratulations! How many changes in a so little time! My little princess was born 4 month ago but I’ve no tips for u cause my pregnancy has been quite perfect (except for diabetes that i’ve discovered at about 5th month and force me to follow a balaced diet). Just one thing to say…even if it has not been programm be sure that the first time you’ll have Isaac in your arms u want never leave him even for a while! Maybe one tip, I’ve read a book by tracy hogg and find it very helpful, if u search online u can find it, i only know the italian title which is “il linguaggio segreto dei neonati” hope it can help u like it made for me!
    And now i only Wait to read about your new business!!!
    Hugs roberta

    • says

      Hi Roberta, congratulations on your little princess :) Thank you for sharing your experience and recommendations! I’ve heard of that book by Tracy – secrets of the baby whisperer before actually. But now that you’ve suggested it, it’s definitely on my must-read list before Isaac arrives :)

      Thank you for reading my updates and take care in the meantime! Hugs!

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