Nothing says trust more than a haircut

A lot of people I know are picky with their hairstylists and how their haircuts turn out. In fact, I’ve noticed that many conversations around hairstylists often involve the word ‘trust’!

So imagine my surprise when my teenage brother asked me to cut his hair last night!

It was flattering yet pressurizing when he said, “I am trusting you to give me a nice haircut because I know you can do it but if you do it badly, I am going to be very upset”. (I have a sneaky suspicion he didn’t have a choice since he was probably going to get into trouble at school for long hair and the hairdressers were closed at that hour.)

But thankfully it turned out well enough and he liked it. :)

On the left was before the cut (the contraption around his neck is meant to capture the bits of hair but it was kinda bunched up) and on the right was my bro after the haircut (clearly the contraption didn’t work too well with the hair all over his body).

It’s been some time since I gave a proper haircut. But when in doubt, just go with your instincts. And never say oops after snipping off some hair. Just fix it. ♥

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