Our pre-wedding shoot

Many pre-wedding shoots have brides decked out in their wedding gowns and romantic poses. While those are beautiful too, Dan and I felt we would have been way too awkward (and sweaty) posing in really formal wear for shots.

Furthermore, we had it such that he would only see me in the gown at the church walking down the altar, so a shoot in the gown would have been a no-go anyway.

We had toyed with the idea of not doing a pre-wedding shoot, but when my friend Rayern showed me Andrew Phua’s portfolio from andrewphuaphotos, we knew we had to have his photos for keeps!

pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

Andrew brought us to a breathtaking spot which we never knew existed. There, we built a tent as a joint activity and I taught Dan how to make paper flowers. We can safely say he’s now an expert at making paper flowers! :)

making flowers, pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

We took a break at a cafe to hide from the sun and had a ridiculously good time chatting with Andrew and his team. We didn’t realize we were laughing so much and were surprised to see so many happy shots – they are truly good at what they do!

pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

For the evening scene, we decided to hang lights from a tree and play with sparklers when it got dark. He had proposed to me using tea lights and we thought it was only apt to use tealights again in the shoot :)

pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

Here’s this awesome shot again that we love so much!

pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

And one of our sparkler shots at a different location (we discovered the original place closed at 7pm, but it was a blessing in disguise that we moved to this place.) The shots turned out great!

I also discovered here that my husband has an amazing ability to stand still throughout the long exposure shots whereas I have huge difficulties staying still.

pre-wedding photos by andrew phua | micheleng.com

These are just a small selection of over 400 shots which Andrew gave us (there was one whole scene with Dan’s ball juggling and my futile attempts to learn!). But hope you enjoyed these photos! :)


  1. says

    What a great pre-wedding photo session! I by far prefer this type of “natural” shots over the typical “romantic poses”.
    You and your husband look so happy and the tea candle idea is super cute.

  2. jacqueline says

    Hi Michele,

    care to share the venue of this place or where did you manage so many tea bottles?
    thanks :)

    • says

      Hi Jacqueline, we went to different locations for each – which one were you referring to? The tea bottle were mainly empty jam or sauce bottles that we collected over time from family, friends and relatives!


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