IKEA transformed with Superfront

I’ve always found IKEA a good go-to for quick home furnishing needs on a moderate budget. I know there’s been a lot of talk on quality and shelf life but that has never really bothered me. I’ve had a few tables warp or break over the years. But I’ve also had a foldable table that has lasted me 15 years and counting.

Nevertheless I’ll admit – I don’t really think long-term when it comes to furniture and living arrangements as I like changing things up once in a while. (Of which I have duly given my future husband a heads-up!)

For our new home, we’ve been looking out for furniture and IKEA is definitely one of the places we are looking at due to budget constraints and sheer convenience.

Most of the stuff is nice enough, but guess what I just found to make it even nicer!

Hellooo Superfront.

superfront for ikea cabinets


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Sharing my journey

Recently I was invited to speak at an event on entrepreneurship. When I first received the email, I was stunned – the other speakers were established industry stars whom I respected and admired. Surely they got the wrong person when they contacted me?

I had to be frank and told them I could only share as a struggling entrepreneur of sorts. One who hasn’t launched yet, and is still in the midst of learning the ropes. (Till this day I still don’t really see myself as an entrepreneur yet for some reason).

And it turns out that was the type of story they wanted to add into the mix. So I said yes, because I felt that if at least one person benefited from my story, it would be worth it.

When working on the slides, I realized there were a ton of stories that I had to tell. Although the initial 15-20 min allocated seemed long at the start, turns out it only allowed me to share the tip of the iceberg when it came to lessons on this journey!

Although I had danced in front of thousands of people before, spoken about my company to potential hires in front of hundreds, this was the first time I was speaking to such a large live audience about… me.

entrepreneurship talk at shell livewire

In this quick talk, I shared how I decided to leave my job in marketing after close to three years, and bits of the many struggles I’ve faced since then – trying to source for reliable suppliers in China, learning how to guard my free time, coming out of a failed partnership, and the list goes on.

Only after working on my slides did I realize – that the single most important lesson that I’ve gained through this whole experience is the building of my character.


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Best shoot ever

Although I’ve been involved in many photo shoots, yesterday’s pre-wedding photo shoot with my fiance was one of the best shoots ever.

We explored new areas in Singapore that we’d never been to but only saw in photos, had a rare full Saturday spent together, and had lots of fun and laughter.

pre wedding photoshoot location

The shoot also made me realize I have been blessed with a wonderful husband-to-be, who comes with superhuman strength, the ability to juggle balls, triple-curl his tongue, and flick insects away from me. (This photo was a sneak taken with my trust iPhone camera… Hang on for the actual shots once they’re ready to know what I’m talking about!)

But in all seriousness, I’m thankful for someone to share all my life experiences with, a constant encourager, and someone who embodies so much positive energy to the point of turning my grumpiness into laughter.

Happy weekend everyone, and I hope you get some time to spend a great day with your loved ones :)

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How to hammer rivets (and make a tent?)

It’s our pre-wedding photo shoot tomorrow! Our photographer Andrew is wonderfully creative and we’ve decided to go for more casual candid shots. We figured if we did traditional pre-wedding shots in formal wear and stared at each other romantically, we may end up sweating and laughing like little kids the whole way.

One of the ideas we had was to set up a tent as a joint activity (the evening scene will be pretty magical, but we’ll keep it a surprise for now!). A good analogy to us building our first home together eh? :)

To set this up, we had to hammer rivets into a large piece of cloth to tie it down to the tent poles. I figured I’d post up the process of hammering rivets as a sneak peek, and in case anyone else will need instructions for it too…

how to hammer a rivet


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Retro phones for the home

Renovating your home can be expensive as we’ve come to realize recently. Although we’re not at a stage where we can afford just any furniture or renovation detail that we like, the thought of building a our very first home together is exciting enough.

That said, it’s always a joy to find cool home items online and in stores. While listing the appliances we needed, we realized we would probably like a home phone to make calls.

Here’s a couple of really cool phones in retro designs that would add a really nice touch to the room:

wild and wolf retro trim phone turquoise

{turquoise trim phone by wild and wolf}


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