Paper flower bouquets

Sometime back, my friend Cherie and I put together some bouquets for the wedding made from artificial flowers. Those were beautiful but my hands were also itching to complete the paper flower set for the wedding (comprising paper flower pew decor, corsages and boutonnières and now bouquets).

So I managed to squeeze in some time to put together a few paper flower bouquets.

Here’s a closer look at some photos I snapped before the wedding:

paper flower |

A single large paper flower for our darling flower girl Sophie.

paper flower bouquet |

A simple flower bouquet for our sweetheart maid-of-honor Rachelle (she’s the reason we met!).

paper flower bridal bouquet |

Finally, a colored bridal bouquet for myself.

These flowers were made from white crepe paper and coffee filter paper. Colors were then added using droppers and food coloring mixtures.

I didn’t use any templates but just went by the theory of how paper flowers work by wrapping layers of petals after forming a bud. It’s much less stressful and way faster to go freehand on this!

Have been asked to teach some classes on paper flowers recently – will be announcing more details if those classes go through! :)


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