Posting artwork on society6

If you love creating photographs and prints, wouldn’t you love seeing it on various applications and formats? I know I would!

I’ve recently discovered society6 and it’s such a breeze posting up artwork. In an instant you can see it in various formats such as art prints (plain and framed), cards, iPhone cases and more!

It’s been some time since I did a tutorial on making crepe flowers but I just can’t get enough of the photos created – so upload them I did. My favorite application is on the iPhone case which I’m tempted to order for my own use:

iphone 4 case crepe flower tangerine society6

iphone 4 case crepe flower orange society6

iphone 4 case crepe flower lavender society6

iphone 4 case crepe flower yellow society6

iphone 4 case crepe flower spray society6

{iPhone cases by Michele Ng on society6}

The best part is that society6 produces the items and fulfills the order for you, so you as an artist can focus on creating more art!

For those who are interested in earning an allowance – while you are able to set your profit for printed artworks, the amount earned for the other categories will be fixed. Click here for more information on selling on society6 and the profit list if you are keen!

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