Renovations starting!

Things are moving along steadily and we’re finally hitting the halfway mark in renovating our new home!

The plans are mostly done and hacking of the old cabinets and floor will start tomorrow. There were so many decisions to make in the planning process and it was pretty overwhelming – what appliances to use, what size, what brand and what functions… and all to fit within our budget (which was the hardest part).

In this journey, some of our differences also became quite stark. My fiance likes to make decisions immediately and efficiently, whereas I like to mull over these things and check out other stores to see if we can get a better deal. Sounds familiar to anyone?

We’ve learned to make compromises along the way – when we saw a small TV on a big discount, he wanted to get it immediately and though I was hesitant, I decided to just go with it and not look back or at other deals. I also decided not to make a fuss about the design especially since it was just a silver line that bugged me (oops!).

When we were buying larger appliances that cost more (and would lead to potentially larger savings), we made a list of model numbers and he helped to call a few places to check prices.

Over time, we’ve basically been like little squirrels, hoarding our discounted purchases in a little pile at my parents’ place. We’ve got the most random stash – a discounted display oven and hob, shower and faucet sets on half price, a single bowl sink and the list goes on.

The most exciting part though was meeting our neighbors last night for the first time. We prepared a box of cookies and a note card to apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused by our renovation. The units are all pretty close to each other so we definitely didn’t want them to start hating us even before we’ve moved in!

cookies and a note for our neighbors

They were all really nice and sweet which made us very happy. They looked slightly stunned upon receiving our gifts though, so hopefully we didn’t come across as creepy to them…

After all this time going back and forth on the plans and renovation details, meeting our new neighbors and starting work on the actual unit feels like a fresh breath of life into this whole process. We absolutely cannot wait!

Have a great weekend coming up friends :)


  1. Sherry says

    Would you mind sharing where your new place is? A flat or an apartment? I’m sure your readers would appreciate some tips as first-time home owners

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