Retro phones for the home

Renovating your home can be expensive as we’ve come to realize recently. Although we’re not at a stage where we can afford just any furniture or renovation detail that we like, the thought of building a our very first home together is exciting enough.

That said, it’s always a joy to find cool home items online and in stores. While listing the appliances we needed, we realized we would probably like a home phone to make calls.

Here’s a couple of really cool phones in retro designs that would add a really nice touch to the room:

wild and wolf retro trim phone turquoise

{turquoise trim phone by wild and wolf}

crosley retro wall phone in red

{red wall phone by crosley}

For a more classic finish, go with chrome:

chrome vintage lobby phone by wild and wolf

{chrome lobby phone by wild and wolf}

It honestly doesn’t get any cooler than this…

1950s payphone by crosley

{1950s payphone in brushed chrome by crosley}

The cordless varieties still don’t capture the vintage / retro feel enough so I guess it’s a trade-off between practicality and aesthetics yet again. If we really had to go cordless, this is a design I’m liking the best so far:

epure beige swissvoice

{epure in beige by swissvoice}

With such cool phones, how can you not want to pick up the phone to a ring a friend!

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