Samples keep getting better

I love receiving packages in the mail. And I love receiving deluxe samples. So it’s definitely no surprise that I love BellaBox and the goodies they send over each month and they just keep getting better! :)

bellabox deluxe samples february

Now to look at what came in this month:

1. Ansley 3D shimmer powder and blusher

Although the packaging says Ansley New York, this is actually a Korean cosmetics brand. But not that country of origin matters that much in this case because this product is lovely.

Good for days where you want more of a simple, natural glow although I wouldn’t really recommend this if you’re getting a lot of flash photography taken due to the shimmer involved ;)

ansley 3D shimmer powder and blusher

 2. Nvey eco organic eyeshadow in 150 charcoal blue

According to the description, this eyeshadow doesn’t contain talc and uses soothing organic elements such as chamomile and jojoba. Yay for my dry and sensitive skin!

While the colour itself wasn’t my favourite on my skin tone, it was definitely very pigmented and easily blendable.

3. Pangea organics discovery kit

The facial mask in Japanese matcha tea with acai and goji berry was pretty awesome in terms of exfoliation and hydation. Just try not to scare anyone when you put it on as it looks rather muddy!

The shower gel in Italian white sage with geranium smelt good but leaves you squeaky clean so it depends on whether you prefer something a little more moisturising.

Finally, facial cream in Nigerian ginger with lavender and thyme. Haven’t been able to try this yet, but who can resist ingredients and names like these!

4. Duchess Marden body serum

Free of petrochemicals, parabens and chemical preservatives? Check. This body serum is meant to be used in place of body cream on damp skin to restore and heal skin and it definitely works wonders! Best part is that it doesn’t leave oily residue – perfect for massages too!

5. DKNY pure verbena

This scent is fresh with some citrus notes but settles down to be a bit musky so it really depends on an individual’s taste. I generally prefer light, fresh scents since I get sick of smelling the same thing all day long if it’s too strong so this will have to be a no for me!

BellaBox is available locally for $15 a month for anyone who’s interested :)


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