Shoes of prey

Over the years, I’ve developed a love hate relationship with my feet. They are both tiny and wide, which means shopping for shoes at regular shops usually leaves me sad and disappointed.

My feet usually fit into a UK2 or 3/ EU 34/ US 4 or so, but shoes in shops often come stocked from a UK 4/ EU 35/ US 5 onwards. Padding sometimes works, but most of the time they leave my feet feeling very uncomfortable due to the poor fit. In Singapore, there are only a handful of shoe shops that may occasionally have my size but most of the time they don’t have it in the designs I like.

But over the years, I’ve learnt to see it as a blessing in disguise. To be honest, if I were an average shoe size, I don’t know how I’d find the self control to limit the number of shoes I own!

For our upcoming wedding, I decided it’s time to hunt for a pair of heels that actually fit nicely. With no chance of me falling out of them, padding and all.

shoes of prey beige leather heels

And that’s when I discovered Shoes of Prey. Here, you get to design your own shoes online with a rotating 3D view. You get to decide the material, color, trim and heel height on your shoes! And best of all, you can specify your shoe size and wide or narrow fit upon checkout.

I ordered a pair of classic nude peep-toe heels to maximize the use of these heels. I confess, I was drawn to the crazier colors and gold glitter, but figured this would be more practical for my first pair.

Me being ridiculous again, I measured my feet and gave them the exact measurements too just to make sure it would really fit. Although part of me was scared… that if I really loved them, Shoes of Prey would become my new shoe addiction and my only go-to place for footwear.

Service was excellent as expected, and when the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the effort put into it. :)

shoes of prey order unwrapping

Shoes of Prey order unpackaging unwrapping

Shoes of Prey order unpackaging unwrapping

Shoes of Prey order unpackaging unwrapping

The shoes also come with dustbags and other accessories to help improve the fit of your shoes. I’ve only been walking around in my bedroom and haven’t brought them out for an official breaking in session. But they seem to feel great!

If anyone else has fit issues, trouble finding shoes they like or simply want a custom pair of shoes to match a certain outfit, I would certainly recommend Shoes of Prey as the place to go to!

p/s I was not asked to post this or paid for this in any way… I was just one happy camper.

pp/s I plan to customize the shoes by making shoe clips to match my outfits for the wedding. Stay tuned for tutorials on that!


  1. keren says

    Great review! wish I’d come across this before my own wedding… What is the color and texture you have chosen? I’m also size 34 EU and looking for a pair of nude pumps. Love the color you have chosen :) how is it called on their website? (color and leather texture).

    and what do you think about the nude patent? it looks so dark on the site…

    • says

      Thanks Keren! :) So glad to find a fellow size 34 EU, and nude pumps are the best! I’m pretty fair so I chose faded soft leather in cream.

      You’re right, the nude patent looks much darker. If you’re a similar skin tone to mine it may be a bit too dark to match… Hope this helps and that you find a pair that you love! :)

  2. Emmeline says

    Hey Michele! Thanks for sharing! I’m not blessed with a pair of perfect feet either. Too wide! =(
    Will go there for my next pair!

    Have fun preparing for your big day!


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