Side projects: Sad Girls Club

Since my pregnancy, I pretty much stopped doing freelance make-up gigs due to doctor’s orders. While things are back to normal now, I’ve been focusing more on my bag business and only take up some random gigs in my free time.

This comes slightly delayed but I’m excited to share a collaboration with one of my favourite photographers, Lenne Chai, and a talented artist, Teresa Lim.

sad girls club - ellie embroidery
sad girls club - ellie

This series of photographs was based on embroidery done by Teresa. (To find out more about Ellie’s backstory, click here.) Seriously I never knew embroidery could take on such a cool spin till I saw Teresa’s work ;)

To create the look, I added thick faux bangs, thickened her eyebrows and gave her shades of pink on her eyelids, cheeks and lips.

Lenne and Teresa created the background and spent many hours recreating the small details on the hoop which was absolutely amazing.

Am glad to have been part of this and love the shots!

For anyone that thinks embroidery is some boring old craft, think again ;)


Model: Baylee Soles (AVE)

Photography: Lenne Chai

Set Design: Teresa Lim

Hair & makeup: Michele Ng

Art Direction: Lenne Chai & Teresa Lim





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