Sourcing in China


It’s been a week since I’ve been in China for business and sourcing here is truly crazy and a new experience altogether! Not to mention trying to absorb all Mandarin terms like a sponge.

While there are tons and tons of fabric, leather, trims, hardware (and the list goes on), the options are also interesting in terms of quality. Velcro and elastic bands come in a variety of different standards (typically low, medium and high). It can’t be taken for granted that magnets have sufficient magnetic strength either. You get the picture!

Learnings of this trip so far? Never take any aspect of your product for granted and test every single thing! (An example based on experience – don’t assume that buttons provided actually work). That said, I would love to move here to gain access to the very many resources that would make life so much easier! :)



  1. Kelvin4k says

    my thought:.. if things come easily, I guess more things will be take for granted… Cheers….

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