A tulle drawstring bag in 5 min flat

Drawstring bags are handy for chucking things in and really easy to make! But what’s better about a tulle version – you can actually SEE what’s inside! :)

how to make a tulle drawstring bag in 5 minutes fast and easy

After making a gown recently, I had a small bit leftover and figured I’d make something out of it. Another plus point about tulle – no fraying! (Feel free to use an old tee shirt to make this too! No fraying either!)

So here’s sharing with you – how to sew a tulle drawstring bag in about five minutes flat.


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The many uses of felt

Felt is amazing. It’s one of the materials that you can make an endless list of things with!

The most obvious use would be felt clutches and bags which are relatively quick to make. (I was preparing some material today for a workshop I’ll be giving on simple felt clutches for first-timers. Really excited to see what the class whips up. Check out some of the felt and fabric…)

pieces of felt and cotton

But of course it doesn’t stop there. Check out these awesome felt products!


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How to save torn bag handles

how to save torn bag handles and give it a new look with ribbon Have you ever had your PU leather bag handles tear on you? If the rest of the bag is still intact, it’d feel like such a waste to toss it!

This happened to me recently and I decided to try my best to save the handles and give it a new look! All this just with some ribbon lying around!

Here’s how:


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The more pockets the better

Nothing ground-breaking, but just wanted to share a new makeup bag I found recently.

Unlike many cosmetic and toiletry bags, this one has a ton of compartments which I LOVE! Most other bags come with one main compartment with few additional pockets but this one just takes the cake.

It’s called Voyager Deluxe and it’s a remake of the original Voyager bag from Make Up Store.

The exterior is really sleek and simple which is great:

It’s got a sloping side which surprisingly doesn’t restrict the amount of stuff you can squeeze into this puppy:

It’s got a hook, two smaller zipper compartments and one main zipper compartment on the flap. The mesh pouch in the main compartment uses velcro and can be removed (again, very thoughtful!). Three velcro mesh pockets in the front.

Filled this up with random cosmetics as I was emptying out some unnecessary items from my main train case for a shoot today. This really fits a ton of stuff and is excellent as a set bag as well!