Toga dress DIY refashion

Not all refashions have to be complicated or take a long time. Today’s tutorial is a pretty quick and simple one, but awesome to change the look of an old dress which you may be bored of.

off shoulder top refashion DIY tutorial

The original dress was mega comfy but often left me feeling slightly frumpy even while paired with accessories. After turning it into a toga dress, it’s definitely feeling more wearable to various occasions. Pair it with a cool necklace and you’re good to go!

Here’s how:


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Transforming an old loose dress

Tired of that dumpy old loose pull over dress? Transform it into something fun with some quick stitches, lace and ribbon!

transforming an old and loose dress into a new lace dress tutorial

It was some time back when I got this dress. Great for throwing on with other tops and accessories to run errands with. (It probably wasn’t meant to be that loose either – most things are incredibly loose on me unless they come in XS or XXS eep.)

In Singapore where it’s summer all year round, layering just makes me want to run home and hide in a/c. So time to transform this dumpy loose dress into something more fun, and without a need to layer!

Here’s the quick tutorial:


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Clear your closet and create new pieces!

Ever find yourself stuck with a closet full of clutter but with nothing to wear? Don’t want to read a long book or list on how to clear the clutter?

I know quite a few people in this position (I’m guilty from time to time too!) and decided to come up with my very first ebook to help with this problem. This ebook contains a visual guide on 4 easy steps to clear your closet. It also includes a flowchart of typical questions I’ve encountered in helping people decide what to do with each clothing item.

Here’s a sneak peek into some pages of the ebook:

inside the ebook on how to clear your closet and make new items from old clothes


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Gorgeous dyed clothing that inspires

Not many pretty images are conjured when you think about tie-dyed or dyed clothing. Not for me at least.

But recently I came across New York label Shabd – the dyed clothing and scarves just blew my mind! Goodbye tacky dyed designs and hello gorgeous!

Shabd tie dye clothing design new york label spring summer 2012 collection … 

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Refresh your look with periwinkle blue

Feel like wearing something blue but prefer something fresh? Try periwinkle blue! Sometimes also known as cornwall or cornish blue, this colour is uber refreshing and not too common. Great for standing out in a crowd or adding pretty accents without being overly bright! Throwing in a pretty striped jug for good measure :)

Try periwinkle, cornish or cornwall blue to refresh your look


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