Hair treatment at Philip Kingsley

I’ve always wondered what goes on during hair treatments and always thought it was only for people with more significant hair issues. So when Cozycot recently asked me to try out a hair treatment session at Philip Kingsley, I was initially doubtful as to what difference it could make to my hair.

It’s been years since I’ve chemically treated or colored my hair since I was tired of it being so dry after a while. So the only issue I’ve been having is an incredibly tense scalp, especially after having my hair up in a ponytail for too long (don’t yell, I know it’s not really a problem per se!)

As with all treatments go, this is the ‘before’ shot in the morning:

philip kingsley review for cozycot before

Here’s it’s clear (and I confess) that I don’t comb my hair regularly didn’t comb my hair this morning (believe what you want). :)


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10 ways to style short hair

Arizona Muse Daphne Groeneveld Self Service Magazine Issue 35

The weekend is coming!! Here’s a fun inspirational video on 10 different ways to style short hair.

No more fears about being stuck with the same style even if you have your hair chopped short. Enjoy! :)

{B&W image from Self Service Magazine}

Nothing says trust more than a haircut

A lot of people I know are picky with their hairstylists and how their haircuts turn out. In fact, I’ve noticed that many conversations around hairstylists often involve the word ‘trust’!

So imagine my surprise when my teenage brother asked me to cut his hair last night!


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To tie or not to tie?

Came across the Black Ties Collection by Bloom Jewelry recently and this collection presents a nice solution to a common occurrence (not everyone finds it a problem):

When you wear your hair tie on your wrist for convenience but it takes away from your outfit. (incidentally, the creation of black ties started when a bride nearly wore her black hair tie on her wrist down the aisle!)

These hair ties are made to look like bracelets but double-up as hair ties when you need them.

They go for about US$34 for two in a package. Not entirely cheap compared to regular hair ties but a steal for two bracelets that you can use in different ways!

Just wishing they’d make the elastic portion in matching colours to the metal/ acrylic portions as an alternative so it’d look more like a bracelet than a beautified hair tie. Imagine multiple strands of these with more delicate chains too! :)