Turn old leggings into a fancy pouch

Ever had a pair of leggings which you hardly wear anymore but love the color? Why not turn it into a handy pouch or a pencil case instead!

In another of my what-was-I-thinking moments, I got this pair of leggings with a zipper at the bottom of each leg a few years back. They came in handy for some photo shoots but I never got a lot of use out of them (especially since I’m now in hot, sunny Singapore).

But I really loved the texture and color of this pair (some kind of purple-grey which I’m sure someone has coined a name for). So… since I was short of a pencil case recently, I decided what better way to re-use this great fabric and turn these hardly worn leggings into something useful! :)

DIY leggings into pouch pencil case

Read on to find out how!


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Transforming an old loose dress

Tired of that dumpy old loose pull over dress? Transform it into something fun with some quick stitches, lace and ribbon!

transforming an old and loose dress into a new lace dress tutorial

It was some time back when I got this dress. Great for throwing on with other tops and accessories to run errands with. (It probably wasn’t meant to be that loose either – most things are incredibly loose on me unless they come in XS or XXS eep.)

In Singapore where it’s summer all year round, layering just makes me want to run home and hide in a/c. So time to transform this dumpy loose dress into something more fun, and without a need to layer!

Here’s the quick tutorial:


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