Turn old leggings into a fancy pouch

Ever had a pair of leggings which you hardly wear anymore but love the color? Why not turn it into a handy pouch or a pencil case instead!

In another of my what-was-I-thinking moments, I got this pair of leggings with a zipper at the bottom of each leg a few years back. They came in handy for some photo shoots but I never got a lot of use out of them (especially since I’m now in hot, sunny Singapore).

But I really loved the texture and color of this pair (some kind of purple-grey which I’m sure someone has coined a name for). So… since I was short of a pencil case recently, I decided what better way to re-use this great fabric and turn these hardly worn leggings into something useful! :)

DIY leggings into pouch pencil case

Read on to find out how!


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Flat zippered pouch

So it happens that every time I travel to Bangkok, Malaysia, and so on, my mum asks me to look out for a flat zipper pouch with an additional zipper pocket on the outside (good for storing coins on quick grocery trips). The original one, which is now falling apart, was given to her by a friend who went to Thailand.

A seemingly simple task yet I could not for the life of me find a similar pouch on my many trips!

And with my usual principle of “if you can’t find it, make it yourself”, I set out to make her a pouch in a bid to take a mental break and clear some scrap material.

I’ve made many bags before but not a zippered pouch so here goes my first attempt:

Hope she likes it and hope it withstands the crazy pressures of wet market shopping!