To tie or not to tie?

Came across the Black Ties Collection by Bloom Jewelry recently and this collection presents a nice solution to a common occurrence (not everyone finds it a problem):

When you wear your hair tie on your wrist for convenience but it takes away from your outfit. (incidentally, the creation of black ties started when a bride nearly wore her black hair tie on her wrist down the aisle!)

These hair ties are made to look like bracelets but double-up as hair ties when you need them.

They go for about US$34 for two in a package. Not entirely cheap compared to regular hair ties but a steal for two bracelets that you can use in different ways!

Just wishing they’d make the elastic portion in matching colours to the metal/ acrylic portions as an alternative so it’d look more like a bracelet than a beautified hair tie. Imagine multiple strands of these with more delicate chains too! :)