World Runway premiere

Finally a different concept in fashion – enter the World Runway in which teams consisting of a stylist, make up artist and hair stylist represent their countries in a styling tournament!

In this first series, the teams hailing from 8 countries (France, Italy, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore and Brazil) had to shop in Singapore for the items and had a budget of $500 per look for 10 looks. The prize? S$100,000, where half would be kept by the winning team and the other half donated to Red Cross Japan. :)

The sound and light system was amazing (yes, the geek in me noticed) but it seems like they could have done with a couple more rehearsals unfortunately in terms of transitions and confetti being popped at the wrong time.

That aside, some of the styling was simply divine! The top pick of last night had to go to this black ensemble by the UK team and they certainly deserved the win (apologies for the poor quality as my DSLR wasn’t allowed in):

Besides UK, the Japan and Italy were on the top of my list. Pity there could only be one winner!