A tulle drawstring bag in 5 min flat

Drawstring bags are handy for chucking things in and really easy to make! But what’s better about a tulle version – you can actually SEE what’s inside! :)

how to make a tulle drawstring bag in 5 minutes fast and easy

After making a gown recently, I had a small bit leftover and figured I’d make something out of it. Another plus point about tulle – no fraying! (Feel free to use an old tee shirt to make this too! No fraying either!)

So here’s sharing with you – how to sew a tulle drawstring bag in about five minutes flat.


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Shooting with cellophane and tulle

Collaborated with Irvin and Shiqin from Meese Studios recently to do a shoot for two looks. The first was an outfit made of reflective silver cellophane. The way the lights were set up were perfect and the material looked absolutely electric!

The second look involved lots of tulle in bright contrasting colours with a japonesque make-up look (had mentioned wanting to do this in an earlier post and it has finally happened!). 

The studio at The Pond was one of the coolest I’ve worked in so far. If you couldn’t figure out the above image, there was a trap door from the second floor that allows you to shoot from up top!

Not only was the studio really cool, the make up and dressing area in the back was simply divine.

This has been one of the most fun shoots to date and I can’t wait to play with more material again! :)