Mixing paper flowers with real flowers

Flowers for weddings can sometimes cost a bomb. And it also feels like a waste to be tossing so many flowers after the ceremony if no one wants to take them home.

I’ve been quite keen on making paper flowers for our wedding but we’ll see how many I can whip up in time. I had thoughts of mixing paper flowers with real flowers but wasn’t really sure how they’d look.

And then I came across these!

paper flowers mixed with real flowers

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Make a wedding card box

One of the best parts of planning a wedding has definitely got to be the DIY craft projects!

The project for today was a wedding card box (also known as an ang bao/ “red packet” box in Singapore).

make a wedding card or angbao box | micheleng.com

As people usually place money inside cards or red packets, I decided that a box would be better than an open case. Just for safety reasons, as cautioned by the wiser, older folks ;)

Read on to find out how to make one:


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The proposal

Hello everyone!

Tiny disclaimer: this post is more to do with my personal life and not a fashion/ beauty/ craft post (although I can assure you there will be plenty to come in preparation for the wedding!)… In short, we’re engaged!

As we won’t be setting up a completely separate wedding site, we’ve decided to share it here for our friends and family who have been asking for more details.

So if you are interested, click here for the full story of how my best friend, a very amazing man, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him :)

the proposal 1

candle hearts

For everyone else, hang on tight – I’m quite excited to do more DIY wedding tutorials to share with you!