The many uses of felt

Felt is amazing. It’s one of the materials that you can make an endless list of things with!

The most obvious use would be felt clutches and bags which are relatively quick to make. (I was preparing some material today for a workshop I’ll be giving on simple felt clutches for first-timers. Really excited to see what the class whips up. Check out some of the felt and fabric…)

pieces of felt and cotton

But of course it doesn’t stop there. Check out these awesome felt products!

peacock felt chair by new york design studio dror

{peacock felt chair by dror}

crafted systems audrey felt vessels

{tall and medium audrey vessel by crafted systems}

felt pixel rug by anthropologie

{happy felt pixel rug by anthropologie}

With all these awesome felt products, you can practically surround yourself with felt all day long!

p/s I especially love what Crafted Systems does. Not only are their products mad gorgeous, they have also chosen to partner with the YWCA women’s shelter to create products instead of using skilled artisans. This means developing skills for women in transition while economically enabling and empowering them. It can’t get any better than that. :)

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